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The Bamboo DIY Crochet Hook Roll {My Crochet Adventure}

The Bamboo DIY Crochet Hook Roll {My Crochet Adventure} | Oh Sweet Mercy #crafts #crochet #DIY #yarn #patterns #ohsweetmercy


One thing that helps when you’re trying to keep your eating under control is keeping your hands busy.

Nothing does that better than yarn.

No, I don’t mean tying your hands together…I’m talking about knitting and crocheting! (more…)

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Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash

Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash | Oh Sweet Mercy #lowcarb #thm #spaghettisquash #glutenfree

Sometimes you need an easy, budget-friendly meal right?

For many people, that means reaching for the pasta. But, if you’re a Trim Healthy Mama follower or on a gluten-free diet that’s just not always an option. That’s why I heart spaghetti squash so much. It is so versatile, so good for you, and since it’s cheaper than gluten free pasta it’s good for the budget. Add some dark, leafy green stuff and you’ve got a very healthy dish. This Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash is an easy, gluten-free, budget friendly dish that fits perfectly into your Trim Healthy Mama menu.


How to Easily Bind eBooks for Under $1

How to Easily Bind eBooks for Under $1 | Oh Sweet Mercy #easy #diy #bookbinding #homeschool #thm #cookbooks


So, you printed an ebook…what are your choices for keeping it all together?

I’m going to share with you the simple, cheap, and easy method I devised the other day to bind eBooks using something you probably have in your desk drawer right now (and how I’ve made printing less aggravating, too).

But first, let’s compare the pros and cons of some typical binding methods you’ve probably already used.


How to Make Chili Lime Black Beans in the Instant Pot (No Soaking!)

How to Make Chili Lime Black Beans in the Instant Pot | Oh Sweet Mercy #thm #lowfat #instantpot #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Did you forget to soak your dry black beans again?

I’m sure that never happens to you, but just in case I’m going to share my secret for making homemade Chili Lime Black Beans in about an hour – using dry beans. That’s right…from dry to delicious in about an hour with no soaking(more…)

Salted Caramel Frappe – How Make it Like a Coffeehouse Barista

Salted Caramel Frappe - How to Make it Like a Low Carb Boss | Oh Sweet Mercy #thm #sugarfree #lowcarb #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Did you know that I am a trained Barista? Indeed I am. 

It’s been years since I’ve worked at a certain famous coffee chain found in airports, supermarkets, and street corners across the globe, but I’m quite thankful for what I learned about coffee while I worked there. Like how much I love dark, roasty coffee. And those yummy, icy caramel frappes which go by a certain trademarked name that rhymes with “cappuccino”.  (more…)

Turkey Ham Salad

Turkey Ham Salad | Oh Sweet Mercy #easy #thm #recipes #summer #ohsweetmercy


Ever take a bite of something and find yourself instantly transported back in time?

To a moment in time? To an era long left behind? Some food you forgot about, maybe? Or maybe you never knew the recipe because your friend’s mom made it and you never asked her for it.

Because when you’re 10 you don’t really think about stuff like recipes. You just know that you can go across the street to your friend’s house and her awesome German mom will have that yummy stuff in the fridge. (more…)

Father’s Day Giveaway – Trim Healthy Mama Isn’t Just for Women!

Father's Day Ice Cream Bundle Giveaway | Oh Sweet Mercy #giveaway #fathersday #thm #icecream


Trim Healthy Mama isn’t some exclusive club for mothers only, did you know that?

Men can and DO benefit from this healthy lifestyle. Just check out Jen’s (from A Home With Purpose) husband Shan’s progress after just one week! Be sure to follow along to watch his progress, too.

Even kids can benefit from this slimming and healthful way of eating. No food groups are excluded (except JUNK foods, of course) so you don’t have to worry about them not getting the proper nutrients.

Trim Healthy Mama is not just salads, either. There’s plenty of manly foods on the menu! (more…)

Reality Check Monday – The Apocalypse is Near

Reality Check Monday |Oh Sweet Mercy #realitycheckmonday #keepingitreal #success #life #thm #ohsweetmercy

It just hit me today that it’s the first Monday of the month. 

That means it’s Reality Check Monday time again. And it also hit me that I didn’t post one for LAST month. Yikes…how does an entire month just get away from me?

Time is like that for me. I can go into a store, feel like it’s just been ten or fifteen minutes, only to discover I’ve been in there for an hour and a half. Or, I can actually pop in and out of a store in like five minutes, and not be able to remember where I parked the car.

I aggravate myself on a daily basis.

Why is the apocalypse near?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something you swore you’d NEVER, ever do? And even more shockingly, find yourself actually doing it(more…)

Balsamic Berry Coconut Muffin in a Mug

Balsamic Berry Coconut Muffin in a Mug | Oh Sweet Mercy #muffininamug #strawberries #glutenfree #grainfree #candidadiet #sugarfree #THM


So there I was again, stricken with Food Apathy. 

I needed to eat something, but nothing sounded good. I didn’t feel like making anything, either. How do I keep ending up here, anyway?

You know the drill…need something quick and easy…need to be on plan with Trim Healthy Mama.

Standing there, staring into the fridge and assessing the possible combinations with the available ingredients staring back at me (because we never have actual food in our house, just ingredients…), the proverbial light lit up above my head. (more…)

Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win an Instant Pot!

Mother's Day Giveaway - Win an Instant Pot! | Oh Sweet Mercy #giveaways #mothersday #THMbloggerstestkitchen #thm


What is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a busy Trim Healthy Mama?

Let’s face it, being a mom is probably the toughest job out there. And one day a year is set aside to honor the moms in our lives. If you, or your mom, are a hard-working Trim Healthy Mama there is one gift that will make that job just a little easier. The THM Blogger’s Test Kitchen Group on Facebook is so EXCITED to present this Mother’s Day Giveaway for you to win that gift – an Instant Pot!  (more…)

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