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How to Make Holy Grail Fathead Pizza on a Himalayan Salt Plate

How to Make Holy Grail Fathead Pizza on a Himalayan Salt Plate | Oh Sweet Mercy #lowcarb #thm #recipes #cheesedough #ohsweetmercy

If you’ve ever had Fathead pizza crust, aka Holy Grail pizza crust, you know what a low carb life-changer that stuff is.

I mean seriously. It’s like eating real, carbolicious, gluten-infested pizza and if you’ve had to forgo that slice of heaven for any length of time this “cheese dough” crust will absolutely astonish you.

If you HAVE had it, you know what I mean. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better I’m about to astonish you once again. (more…)

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Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash

Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash | Oh Sweet Mercy #lowcarb #thm #spaghettisquash #glutenfree

Sometimes you need an easy, budget-friendly meal right?

For many people, that means reaching for the pasta. But, if you’re a Trim Healthy Mama follower or on a gluten-free diet that’s just not always an option. That’s why I heart spaghetti squash so much. It is so versatile, so good for you, and since it’s cheaper than gluten free pasta it’s good for the budget. Add some dark, leafy green stuff and you’ve got a very healthy dish. This Italian Spinach Baked Spaghetti Squash is an easy, gluten-free, budget friendly dish that fits perfectly into your Trim Healthy Mama menu.


How to Make Chili Lime Black Beans in the Instant Pot (No Soaking!)

How to Make Chili Lime Black Beans in the Instant Pot | Oh Sweet Mercy #thm #lowfat #instantpot #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Did you forget to soak your dry black beans again?

I’m sure that never happens to you, but just in case I’m going to share my secret for making homemade Chili Lime Black Beans in about an hour – using dry beans. That’s right…from dry to delicious in about an hour with no soaking(more…)

Easy Southwestern Chicken and Brown Rice Salad

Easy Southwestern Chicken and Brown Rice Salad | Oh Sweet Mercy #thm #lowfat #easy #recipes #salads #ohsweetmercy


Hot weather leaves you wanting something cold to eat with minimal effort, right?

You sure don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove when satan’s armpit is hovering over your area. Easy, cold salads are hot summer weather necessities! If you get tired of egg salads, tuna salads, chicken salads, or ham salads there’s probably a couple of reasons why. (more…)

Turkey Ham Salad

Turkey Ham Salad | Oh Sweet Mercy #easy #thm #recipes #summer #ohsweetmercy


Ever take a bite of something and find yourself instantly transported back in time?

To a moment in time? To an era long left behind? Some food you forgot about, maybe? Or maybe you never knew the recipe because your friend’s mom made it and you never asked her for it.

Because when you’re 10 you don’t really think about stuff like recipes. You just know that you can go across the street to your friend’s house and her awesome German mom will have that yummy stuff in the fridge. (more…)

BBQ Baked Beans – Low or No Fat

BBQ Baked Beans - Low or No Fat | Oh Sweet Mercy #thm #lowfat #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Independence Day usually means BBQs and fireworks here in America.

And celebrating our nation’s hard-earned freedom also means a veritable minefield of off-plan food choices for the Trim Healthy Mama follower. Potato salad, chips, buns for grilled meats as well as sugar-laden desserts can make sticking to our healthy eating plan difficult.

If you’re hosting a party or bringing food to a family cookout, one solution is to make on plan foods that everyone will enjoy. These low-fat BBQ baked beans fit with the Trim Healthy Mama E style meal guidelines without leaving out the flavor everyone else will expect. (more…)

Decadent Salted Caramel Whip

Decadent Salted Caramel Whip | Oh Sweet Mercy #easy #thm #sugarfree #lowcarb #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Sometimes, you just want something rich, creamy and decadent, right?

It’s even better when it comes together in less than five minutes. And it’s sugar free.  This super easy Decadent Salted Caramel Whip is just that.

It’s also wonderful for breakfast (just make sure you have some protein!). And if you can wait long enough to freeze it a bit, it would probably be absolutely divine half frozen.

I don’t see that happening in my kitchen, to be honest. (more…)

Low Carb Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Dog Bake

Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Dog Bake | Oh Sweet Mercy #lowcarb #thm #recipes #ohsweetmercy


Low carb and corn can never go together, right? WRONG!

A while back, I made In a Jiffy Corn Muffins from Gwen’s Nest and could NOT believe how amazingly delicious they were. And to top it off, those tasty little wonders are FUEL PULL, which means both low fat AND low carb.

Low carb?? How can that possibly be? It’s got CORN in it. We all know corn is starchy and fattening, which is why farmers feed their beef cows corn – to fatten them up before shipping them off to market.

If “you are what you eat” comes to mind…yeah, exactly.

But there’s this little secret about corn that I just recently learned, thanks in part to Gwen’s post…and an episode of Good Eats.  (more…)

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