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The Bamboo DIY Crochet Hook Roll {My Crochet Adventure}

The Bamboo DIY Crochet Hook Roll {My Crochet Adventure} | Oh Sweet Mercy #crafts #crochet #DIY #yarn #patterns #ohsweetmercy


One thing that helps when you’re trying to keep your eating under control is keeping your hands busy.

Nothing does that better than yarn.

No, I don’t mean tying your hands together…I’m talking about knitting and crocheting! (more…)

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Coat Without Shampoo – E-cloth Review

How to Clean Your Dog's Coat Without Shampoo - e-cloth Review | #reviews #naturalcleaning #ecloth #naturalliving

What do you mean “clean your dog WITHOUT shampoo”? Why would you even want to do that?

We’ve got a black Lab. Labrador Retrievers are supposed to have water resistant coats – because their job is to retrieve downed waterfowl for their hunter masters. Anyone who’s ever duck hunted knows that if you’re hunting ducks you’re on or near the water, and the chances of any duck you hit dropping into the water are pretty high.

So you send your faithful, well-trained canine hunting buddy out into that cold water to retrieve them for you. And just like the rest of your hunting gear, you need to keep your Lab’s water-resistant coat in excellent shape.

Using regular dog shampoos can strip the natural oils on your Lab’s coat that are there specifically to help that water roll off…like water off a duck’s back. And the chemicals in most commercial dog shampoos may not be something you want to put on your faithful companion. (more…)

How to Make an All Purpose Soft Scrub Cleanser

How to Make an All Purpose Soft Scrub Cleanser | Oh Sweet Mercy #easy #natural #frugal #diy #homemade #cleaners #ohsweetmercy

It’s pretty trendy these days to make your own cleaners, and for good reason.

Many people are waking up to the fact that we are practically assaulted by chemicals every day. Reducing the amount of chemical exposure your family receives can mean better health in the long run. This all purpose soft scrub cleanser is a great way to green your cleaning supplies. It’s so easy to make and you can use it anywhere in your home, from the bathroom shower to scrubbing out your pots and pans and crock pots in the kitchen, without worrying about harmful chemicals. (more…)

I’ll Love You Forever…Even if You Break My Heart a Little

I'll Love You Forever, Even if You Break My Heart a Little | Oh Sweet Mercy #mothering #littleboys #love #family #ohsweetmercy

“Mister’s not feeling well. When will you be home?”

I was on my way back, when I got a text from my hubby.

I’d spent the last couple of hours or so conspiring with some ladies that I had hiked around Israel and Jordan with last summer, to make plans for the upcoming visit of another lady from our trip. She was my roomie, and coming all the way from England to spend a week or so here.

We wanted to make sure she got the best bang for her buck while visiting the good ole U S of A.

A quick phone call home reveals that Mister did not eat supper. That almost made me tell hubby to call 911. When Mister doesn’t eat, that’s pretty serious.  (more…)

101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home – Book Review

homemade remedies


Are you increasingly uncomfortable with the ingredients found in commercial products?

You know, the ones you put on your skin…use for your health…and all over your home? Do you feel like you’re surrounded by a noxious chemical cloud and worry for your safety…and your family’s?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource of easy, proven recipes for homemade remedies and herbal products to replace those chemical laden concoctions? Yes, it sure would be nice!

I’ve got some great news for you…I have found exactly such a resource! It’s a brand new book by Jan Berry. You may know her as The Nerdy Farm Wife, and she has just had published a beautiful collection of easy recipes for skin and hair care,  homemade remedies, and household cleaners using natural ingredients. I got a chance to review a copy of this book and I’m excited to share with you what I love and why I think you need to add this book to your home library. (more…)

Organization: Decisions and Holy Grails

Organization: Decisions and Holy Grails | Oh Sweet Mercy #organization #pilers #paper #ohsweetmercy

Today, I looked at my desk.

It looked back…mocking me. I decided I wasn’t going to let my desk ‘dis’ me like that. And I had a re-visitation of starry host singing hallelujah and radiant glory shining down upon me (or How I Found the Possible Holy Grail of Paper Organization).

And behold, a revelation on how to decide what to title the six sections in my (possible) Holy Grail of Paper Organization Tools for the Piler, the Pendaflex Smartfile appeared! It was so simple, it was practically absurd. (more…)

The Holy Grail of Organizing? Or Another Wasted Purchase? I Can’t Decide!

The Holy Grail of Organizing? Or Another Wasted Purchase? I Can't Decide! | Oh Sweet Mercy #organizing #clutter #indecision

If you are like me, you have piles.

Because organizing doesn’t always come easily for you.

Deep down inside, you WANT to have files…neatly color-coded, alphabetized files in fashionable designs housed in cute but functional receptacles for said files. You want the contents to be neatly arranged, so whatever contract, bill, recipe or other item magically appears the instant you look for it.

The reality is that files just don’t work for some people. Some of us just pile, that’s all there is to it. Trying to force a Piler to become a Filer is a complete waste of time and an exercise in futility. Piler minds are wired differently than Filer minds. (more…)

Getting Through the Holidays: When You Don’t Do Christmas but Your Family Does

Getting Through the Holidays: When You Don't Do Christmas but Your Family Does | Oh Sweet Mercy #holidays #hanukkah #torah #family #relationships #ohsweetmercy

We don’t do Christmas.

And no, we’re not atheists. We took a serious look at the traditions in our Christian faith and didn’t like where some of them started. Particularly Christmas and Easter, which have roots in paganism.

I’m not going to go into all that in this post, but if you’re curious you can read the post I wrote a while back titled A Clear Picture of Christmas. We also don’t “do” Hanukkah, but do take that time of year to reflect on Yeshua as the Light of the World as well as our dedication to YHWH and His ways and word. You can read why we haven’t traded traditions in this post. (more…)

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