Affiliate Links

You  may find affiliate links on the pages of my blog. The reason for them is two-fold:

  1. I love to share products I believe in. We all see so much advertising day in and day out! I believe a personal, honest, word-of-mouth endorsement of a product is way more believable to the consumer, as well as more effective for the company that offers the product. This results in a win-win situation – you, the reader, can make a well-informed decision and if you purchase the product, the company benefits as well.
  2. To create an income stream that goes where I go. Our family’s dream is to hit the road for a roadschooling adventure! That’s not free, of course, and since my husband’s job isn’t necessarily portable my goal is to have a stream of income that is not dependent on our location.

I am particular about the companies I partner with. I’m not signing up for every affiliate program under the sun just to make a buck. If a product or service does not line up with my values or lifestyle, or what I believe to be my reader’s, I will not promote it on my blog. Plain and simple.

Be sure to read my full disclosure policy here, and if you do click a link or purchase a product from my affiliates, I want to say thank you. It means a lot to me and my family!

Affiliate Links May Be Present In My Posts

Clicking on these links and ordering products or services may result in compensation for me. This costs you nothing extra, but helps keep this site going. Be assured that I only partner with brands that I trust. I'm always grateful when you choose to use my affiliate links! Thank you!