Back when I started blogging a few years ago, it made sense to me at the time to have one blog for cooking/recipes, one blog for book reviews, and yet another for everyday ramblings. I’m really not sure why that made sense, because, well, it just doesn’t! I am so grateful to have a friend like The Homesteading Hippy, who really helps me simplify things…as I have a tendency to overcomplicate. She keeps me grounded!

We met at Panera Bread one evening for some girlfriend time (why I, the gluten free eater, chose Panera Bread, is uncertain…) and before I left, Oh Sweet Mercy was born. I had a “punch list”, a somewhat focused vision of what I wanted this blog to be about, and a general sense of “I can do this!” She really has a way of encouraging me, I love that about her!

I’ve had a lot of fun, and a bit of aggravation, designing and putting this website together. Heather promised me that I would love WordPress, I think. I’ve always used Blogger in the past, and while it certainly has its idiosyncrasies, it was pretty straightforward. WordPress has a learning curve, but I’m glad I’m learning it. I like the challenge. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself when a particular task is challenging me.

My goal for this website is to inspire, inform, and encourage ordinary, everyday people about healthy, nourishing eating. It really can be done on a limited income, with limited time and unlimited distractions. I don’t advocate perfection, but Doing The Best You Can With What You’ve Got. Stressing out over Not Getting It Perfectly Right is just as bad as eating the stuff you’re trying to avoid in the first place! There isn’t one, single Foodie on the web who has it all together, no matter what their posts may imply. They’re human, just like the rest of us!

I’ve been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for several years, and while some days make me think that getting a “real” job wouldn’t be all that bad, I wouldn’t trade the worst day ever with my kids for any amount of money. I love being a mom and I know that God’s calling on my life, for this season, is to be home with my children. Mothering is a very noble profession, never let anyone tell you any differently. We are raising future Presidents, teachers, doctors, and ordinary citizens. What we pour into them in the short time we have them will affect generations to come. That is a very humbling thought.

I also want to share my faith (don’t worry, I won’t thump you over the head with my Bible…just know that my faith is a very important part of who I am, and how I got this way), because God has done so much for me and my family! I believe that everyone’s mess can ultimately be turned into a message if we allow God to work in our hearts and lives. I also believe that God created us each individually, and what works for one body may  not work for someone else and we each have to listen to both the cues our bodies give us and the leading of the Holy Spirit to find the eating and lifestyle plan that is best suited to us as individuals. My problem is that my tongue is obnoxious and demands things like ice cream…sigh.

So, know that I’m an ordinary person with limited resources and unlimited passion for my faith, my family, and delicious, nourishing foods. I love to write and create, take photos, and share with anyone who will listen what I learn in the process. I’m thankful to God for the gifts He’s given me, and strive to cherish the sweet things in life.

I hope you enjoy my blog! If you do, please tell your friends. If you don’t, please tell me!

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